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Sistema 2 by Jesus Hidalgo

Jesus Hidalgo and The Pachamama Project will present Sistema Dos (System Two), a multi-media project that integrates environmental consciousness with music. This project proposes a parallel relationship between the minutiae of everyday life and a path that connects us to the heart of Mother Earth.  The songs demonstrate a solid influence rooted in ancestral, classical and pop genres, and contain a powerful philosophical message designed to raise public consciousness in order to promote societal concern for the protection and preservation of the Planet’s natural resources, along with its flora and fauna, as well as the ancient wisdom of Amazonian indigenous tribes that celebrate internal wisdom, love, life and the possibility of a better world. 

Jesus Hidalgo is a Venezuelan artist who comes from a family of musicians and artists. He is a singer, composer and producer who has had the opportunity from a very early age to work with musicians like Placido Domingo, Puerto Rican Power, Bacilos, Oscar de Leon, Simon Diaz, El Cuarteto, Enrique Hidalgo, Irakere, Dyango , Aida Cuevas,Los Del Rio, Rayito, MDO,Rocio Durcal,among others. He has also worked next to famous music producers such as Bebu Silvetti, Emmanuelle Ruffinengo, Rodolfo Castillo, Jose Lugo, Pedro Alfonso and German Ortiz.

As an artist, Jesus Hidalgo, has recorded six albums, three of which were with the successful Venezuelan Latin Pop group URBANDA, and three with LOS HIDALGO. The group LOS HIDALGO was met with great recognition in Puerto Rico, South America, Spain and the United States, as well as been winners of many international awards (1992, 1993 and 1994 Ronda Awards Best Pop Group, Venezuela; 2001 Premios Lo Nuestro, Nominee Best Latin Vocal Group; 2002 Aplausos Awards Best Vocal Group, Puerto Rico).

Jesus Hidalgo has signed an exclusive publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing and as an artist with Warner Music, Lideres Entertainment, Sesac Latina and recently he is working in a new production SistemaDos.