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Rita Rosa: Once Upon a Time in the Caribbean!


FUNDarte and Miami Light Project proudly present the 5th Season of GLOBAL CUBA FEST, featuring the enchanting children´s musical play “Once upon a time in the Caribbean”, by Rita Rosa Ruesga. The event is FREE and opened to the public. 3 PM parents and children will enjoy a different family appoinment with “Once Upon a Time in the Caribbean”, by the twice Latin Grammy-nominated Rita Rosa. In this musical tale located in some tropical islands of the Caribbean, Rita Rosa, the humming bird and the coqui frog are singing along when they notice a happy street vendor asking Maria Moñitos to marry him. At the end of the day, all of them invite the public to dance in a great and colorful "Fiesta" surrounded by coconuts, bananas and kites.

Rita Rosa: Singer and composer.
Boncó Quiñongo: Actor and dancer.
Nirma Necuze: Actress.
Jorge del Valle: Special Effects.
Daniel Stable: Bass.
Daniel Berroa: Percussion.
Heriberto Rey: Guitars.
Miriam Lezcano: Stage direction.

Global Cuba Fest is FUNDarte's signature series (co-presented yearly with Miami Light Project) dedicated to presenting the finest in contemporary performance art from Cuba and the Cuban Diaspora. 


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