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Una caja de zapatos vacía / An Empty Shoe Box. The Mudras Project (Miami)

Twenty-five years after the world premiere in Miami, The Mudras Project brings back to the stage a new version of Piñera’s classic about power relationships. This new production highlights the interconnections between gender, sexuality and politics through the use of black humor.

Veinticinco años después del estreno mundial en Miami, The Mudras Project regresa al escenario con una nueva versión del clásico de Piñera sobre las relaciones de poder. Esta nueva producción destaca las interconexiones entre el género, la sexualidad y la política a través de la utilización del humor negro.

September 7-9

Schedule: Fri and Sat @ 8 PM, Sun at 5 PM

Single Tickets $15 to $20

Full Festival Ticket $60 to $75

For Tickets and Information (305) 284-3355 or


Carlos....... Raul Durán

Berta....... Annia Bú

Angelito.......Ernesto Tapia

Dancer who is also a Virgin.......Belma Suazo

Musician....... Pinello (Saxophonist)

Technical and Artistic Team

Version and Director....... Eloy Ganuza

Literary Advisor......Carlos Pintado

Stage Design …. Michel Hernández

Costume Design....... Yimali González

Light Design.......Richard Rodríguez

Multimedia Design.....Luis Leonel León

Props.......Michel Hernández

Translation for supertitles – Luis González Cruz

Production....... E. G. Productions

About the company. The Mudras Project is a new addition to Miami’s cultural and artistic scene. It is made up of renowned actors, musician, writers, painters, and filmmakers. It has produced plays, film shorts, acting and playwriting workshops, book editions, literary readings and concerts. Some of its latest productions include "Instrucciones para matar un ciervo (short fiction film), "La cofradía de los elegidos," and "La invención de los sentidos" (poetry and sculpture performance) at Miami’s Spanish Cultural Center. Mudras Project’s director, Eloy Ganuza, studied at Havana’s University for the Arts and has a vast experience as theater actor and director as well as director and producer of TV series and soap operas in Televisa and Televisión Azteca. He has directed Federico García Lorca’s Mariana Pineda, Roberto Cosa’s Regreso a casa, Yepeto, and Yordi Galcerán’s Palabras Encadenadas, among others. Eloy Ganuza and Mudras Productions are currently in the pre-production stage of Carlos Pintado’s La Puerta and William Shakespeare’s King Lear, as well as a documentary series on theater, literature, music and film.