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Carrying Water in a Sieve: an evening of two one acts: You Always Forget Something and False Alarm. UM Jerry Herman Ring Theatre (Miami). Director - Henry Fonte

Produced by the University of Miami’s Department of Theatre Arts and Jerry Herman Ring Theatre, these two delightful one-act comedies highlight Piñera’s playful sense of humor. The first, You Always Forget Something, is a fanciful comedy about four eccentric women who try to make order out of a capricious society, but by doing so they create chaos, disorder, and mayhem.  The other, False Alarm, hilariously portrays the predicament of a man charged with murder who struggles to save his crumbling sanity in the face of a demented widow and an irrational judge.  Both short plays exemplify Piñera’s unique writing style and his wonderfully absurd sense of humor.