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Ulises Hernandez & Miriam Ramos

Two old friends, singer and recent Latin Grammy Nominee Miriam Ramos and pianist Ulises Hernandez—both virtuosos in their own right—will share an evening of unforgettable Cuban classics ranging from Hernandez’s classical Latin works to Ramos’ interpretations of cherished Cuban popular ballads.   Bound by their long-standing mutual respect, in two extraordinary evenings these two artists will navigate the classical masterpieces of Cervantes and Lecuona and a soulful variety of popular Cuban musical genres such as Filin and Bolero. These exciting side-by-side concerts offer a sumptuous repertoire of classical favorites together with contemporary exploration, passionate expression, and musical innovation.  Ulises Hernandez represents a remarkable tradition of Cuban classical piano that is uniquely Latin, and unrivaled in its mastery; Miriam Ramos will be playing songs from her latest cd, “La Canción Cubana”, which features a repertory of the most traditional songs from IXX Century to contemporary compositions by today’s Cuban songwriters.