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The Closest Farthest Away

The Closest Farthest Away trailer from aleigh lewis on Vimeo.

Havana Q&A The Closest Farthest Away World Premiere from Sage Lewis on Vimeo.

A Cinema/Theater play created by filmmakers, theater artists, and musicians from the US and Cuba who use cinema and live performance to cross impossible boundaries between blockaded countries. All Cuban characters and locations were filmed in Havana and are projected onto a stage via multi-channel video installation to interact with American performers. This process driven social and artistic experiment is conceived by the generation of artists who will decide the destiny of both countries.
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A CO-PRESENTATION WITH Miami Light Project, Centro Cultural Español,  and with the support of The City of Miami Beach

"A groundbreaking hybrid work of film and theatre... incorporating a beautiful, nearly holographic interaction between Cuban actors on film and American actors on stage."  - American Theatre Magazine

“A groundbreaking and unprecedented collaboration between US and Cuban artists.”  - Miami Herald

“There is no doubt that The Closest Farthest Away is a stimulating piece of understanding through art, an open bridge, and a revolution on the impending need to leave behind our prejudices.”  - Granma (Official Newspaper of Cuba)

"Using new technology to overcome the draconian limits imposed by the continuing political disagreements between our two countries."  - LA Weekly

"Mesmerizing"  - Minneapolis Star Tribune

"This moment is extraordinary and historic.  This project is creating an opportunity to transcend that we cannot lose.  We are becoming part of an enormous bridge that goes beyond our differences."  - Enrique Pineda Barnet (writer of "Soy Cuba")

"The Closest Farthest Away strikes a deep chord in Havana."  -

“The work speaks of love, freedom, and liberty while cinema and theater break the barriers that impede communication between human beings.”  - Havana Film Festival

"The Closest Farthest Away manages to make beauty out of an agonizingly long standing impasse in foreign relations between Cuba and the United States and suggests that solutions to that impasse are in our reach just as long as we know what to wish for."  - University of Miami

“The play, the only one of it’s kind, is the first to be written, produced and interpreted jointly by creators from the two nations. It defies the barriers existing on both sides of the Florida Strait, to establish by way of culture, links of cooperation and exchange between the two nations."  - CubaNow

“Defies physical space.”  - CiberCuba

"Using modern means to break down decades old barriers."  - NBC 6 Miami

“Innovative and revolutionary.”  - Telemundo News

"A digital window into an impossible world."  - Caminos (Cuba)