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Enjoy with us free videos of electrifying concerts, theatrical plays, dance performances and much more from our archive, until our Performing Arts Season returns.


FUNDarte presented Flamenco Frequencies, by Karen Lugo and Casa Patas Flamenco Foundation, at Miami Dade County Auditorium. November 8th, 2015.




Karen Lugo is a choreographer and dancer from Mexico, and her heritage lends a particular strength to her art that will not go unnoticed by local audiences. As Javier Latoreer, winner of the National Dance Prize in 2011 (Spain), said of Karen Lugo: “She has all of the volcanic power of her native land, the necessary force to cross the planet in search of what she most desires. She’s Mexican and she’s the most ‘flamenca’ of any artist in the world.”


FUNDarte presented Los Silencios del Baile, by Francisco Hidalgo and Casa Patas Flamenco Foundation, at Miami Dade County Auditorium. November 5th, 2016.



Direct from Madrid, Spain, Casa Patas returned to Miami with a powerful performance celebrating the characteristics that distinguish the art of Flamenco, an art marked by fiery outbursts and swift blows of silence that define the passionate character of this seductive form, performed by the renowned young dancer and choreographer Francisco Hidalgo and the dancers Lucía de Miguel and Rubén Puertas.


FUNDarte presented Reditum, dancing flamenco by Jose Barrios and Casa Patas Flamenco Foundation & Conservatory,  at Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Nov. 3rd, 2018.



Reditum, dancing flamenco features dancer & choreographer José Barrios in a vibrant and magical flamenco performance direct from Madrid, Spain. Barrios premiered “Reditum, dancing flamenco” in 2017 at the prestigious Festival of Jerez and it was described by the critics as elegant and effortless while demonstrating a versatility and passion that demands attention from the audience.


FUNDarte presented Flamenco Rave II – Nuevo Flamenco featuring Miguel Ángel Cortés with Dani Bonilla and Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”, at Miami Dade County Auditorium. March 9, 2019.



Miguel Ángel Cortés is one of the most respected and acclaimed guitarists of the contemporary flamenco scene. A remarkable artist renowned for his powerful and evocative renditions of contemporary flamenco. This project combines classical music, flamenco tradition and the most revolutionary sounds. In the first act, including compositions of guitar master José M. Gallardo, classical music is the undisputable protagonist. The second act is dedicated to guitar master Sabicas; and in the third one, Cortés pays tribute to his period linked to the project Omega leaded by flamenco master Enrique Morente.


FUNDarte presented the world premiere of Writing in Sand, by Carlos Caballero, featuring Cuban actress Mabel Roch, Brazilian choreographer and dancer Lucia Aratanha, Haitian musician Inez Barlatier, and the writing of Griselda Ortíz, as part of our Miami On Stage: Knight New Works series at the On.Stage Black.Box Theater at Miami Dade County Auditorium, November 21, 2014.



Writing in Sand is a work of performance that specifically explores Miami as a place and mind-set, with all of its issues of migration, assimilation and the process of creating and maintaining a cultural legacy. Using music, acting and dance, three immigrant women artists unpack their personal baggage, reveal their truths and experiences, and weave together a tapestry from the threads of their similar and disparate realities as immigrants, and as artists living and working in Miami.


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